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Lot of three side adjust bike wrenches: The disk is made of hardened, tempered steel. The catalog dates are the only concrete dates I've found, because as discussed in other threads, the change over of logos was not instantaneous for all tools or even one tool in Starrett's line.

Quick Adjust Nut and Pipe Wrenches (Group One)

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It doesn't seem plausible to me that the Company would begin stamping their tools in this manner prior to Incorporation. First one seen with these markings. The dovetails on the bed and cross slide are strips of bar stock with an angle cut on one side that are attached to the sheet metal frame. It has been fitted with a 3-jaw chuck and a compound slide, which were upgrades available for the basic model.

Helical Screw Quick Adjust Wrenches

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Reproduction or reuse for educational and non-commercial use is permitted. Though quite simple in construction, it would actually be a fairly good introduction to power tools for a young craftsman. Starrett dating info Starrett tools were originally mostly packed and. Good Plus and Excellent ST

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From top to bottom in the first photo: I bought it in the late s and it's now a bit worse for the wear.

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A single scoop from its bucket could fill three railroad cars with 90 cubic yards, or about tons, of material. As the boat pushes forward, it creates a "hill of water. Starrett Dating Info Bill, I can't make out the top rule, but the bottom rule is or more modern. Black labels, however, certain tools were and still.


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