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If everything was to stop, then the water pressure would decrease under Sandbanks. This is unlikely to happen in the near future. Bridport also suffered flooding, although the sea had been calm. Because of the prevailing conditions, grading is especially well developed along this beach.

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She had to pass the phone to me so I could give permission for the question to be answered. Severe waves overtopped the beach and caused flooding in Chesilton. Francis Brent, Dr, T. The sheer intensity of rain has turned quiet rivers into raging torrents, a clash of air masses has led to a spectacular snowstorm, global warming has been blamed for the longest drought in history, tidal waves, 20 feet high, have pounded the coast, a jet aeroplane has aquaplaned onto a motorway and opposing air streams have twice brought hurricane-force winds to change the face of the landscape.

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