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Randell passed in from cancer. Anyway it's another stunner from contributor George Allen

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Without it, this would not be the country we believe it to be in our minds and hearts. WNBC was obviously trying very hard to sound as boring as possible in this aircheck, playing several slow songs in row - probably to contrast the coming change to full out Top It will serve customers with mobile services, broadband and TV and will continue to deliver the Emergency Services Network contract which was awarded to EE in late As radio broadcasting became more and more popular, GE and Westinghouse somewhat controlled that end of business while United Fruit Company and Wireless Specialty Apparatus were more involved with the maritime radio business.

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The diversity system would use widely separated antennas to respond to the different phases of the radio signal at different locations called Space Diversity and then the receivers would interact to provide a level of signal reproduction that was constant and based on which antenna-receiver combination was providing the strongest signal. I listened to him nights on 'KB - sounding a lot like this aircheck, fading in and out a bit, but generally strong at my house in Waterford, NY. The new policy enabled customers to acquire telecommunications services from competing providers using a variety of technologies.

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The Telecommunications Act of lifted the limit on the number of stations a single company could own, paving the way for conglomerates like iHeartMedia formerly Clear Channel to expand across the country. Listen to a dial up version of this aircheck here. While Premiere actively sells its shows to stations, the non-Premiere syndicated shows are often used as a cost-cutting measure and do not have a large sales staff. It's also great to hear a teletype behind the newcast.

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