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Bob dismisses my Morris quote by saying that creationists have reasons "other than the evidence" to believe the Earth is young. Also, free neutrons do not directly alter decay rates and cannot produce the same results as uranium's normal alpha or beta decay.

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Presence of small particles in the solar system This is an astronomical observation consistent with a young solar system but which, as in the case of comets, requires extra assumptions if the solar system is old. If Bob wishes to present a "dating method," he should instead be presenting the "other means" by which he arrived at a judging date for this method's accuracy.


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It was one of Bob's first postings to the group. Astronomers can calculate the "age" of a comet estimate of the time it has spent near the Sun by the gases it gives off.

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Lucy Chen — Figurative artist and visual storyteller committed to inspiring a full and expressive life Lucy Chen embraced painting as an adult; she enrolled in her first art class at age Thus, I disagree with the claim that the latter model is better in these cases. The moon is not as geologically active dating should be more reliable, as rocks have less complex "histories".

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