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Noises have been heard, and the walls shivered in the dining room, a voice called "say my name"- nobody else was in the room, nor was any radio playing. The people that lived there moved out when the slams and noises grew to plate smashes and moans of a young girl crying. Also some times the elevator Opens for no reason when someone walks by it. People have reported feeling cold shivers going up their spine while walking inside and hearing strange voices.

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A transparent lady is seen by a few students only and walks down the halls, following them. Ontario - Ajax - Salem Cemetery - Several apparitions have been reported in the older part of this cemetery, which dates back to the 's ghost like apparitions and phenomenon have been quite reserved to that area. It is said that a family once lived in it and one of them murdered all of them and killed themselves, no one knows how the story went.. Now you hear his slippers walking around at night.

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Today, she still be seen wandering through the halls of the Banff Springs in her wedding dress. Some people say they sometimes see a little boy playing by the lake at night, then he disappears.

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