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Black forest cuckoo clock with Regula movement model AM34/63 8 day 3 weights

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Muntz of Hillsboro Ohio. Any style loud alarm usually just the 1 or 5, though it doesn't matter too much; I usually leave the 1's and 2's on repeat , style 5 Baby Ben ,style 7 Big and Baby Ben, and style 6 chime alarm.

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As such, virtually all Ingraham mantle clocks will have an access on the bottom of the case to attach the pendulum. Muntz of Hillsboro Ohio.

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Below, 6 on left, 7 on right. Cuckoo clocks are loved for how they harken back to earlier years. Third picture shows the case after I found some original Sessions feet and some repro lions for the sides. Early model luminous dial versions.

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