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Do You Have A Racial Preference?

Quotes about dating other races. 20 Things You Learn From Dating White Guys

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Her unique identity has worked in her favor at some points in her life, and against her in others like the racist language used to describe her in the press after her relationship with Harry became public. All I was thinking of was having a boyfriend who treated me like a princess and would be with me through everything. I felt like he was ashamed of me. Why can't they see past my race?


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Whereas last week we saw that straight white women strongly preferred other whites to the exclusion of other groups, lesbian whites respond to all 9 racial groups roughly evenly, and, in general, the lesbian community seems relatively colorblind. For example, Confederate veteran John W. As you can see, the races all match each other roughly evenly:

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We were obliged to explain the facts, assuring all of our loving interest in the colored people, and of our desire to do them good, and not injury. As we did last week, we can see that all groups think, theoretically, that interracial relationships are acceptable, yet again whites are the least willing to have such a relationship themselves. It shows us that love doesn't have to be gender specific or determined by color.

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Who is there, gentlemen of the jury, who cannot sincerely commend this action? Some quick facts from the OKCupid data:

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