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Professors dating former students. Pardon Our Interruption...

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BJU has taken the position that orthodox Christians of the late 19th and early 20th centuries including fundamentalists agreed that while the KJV was a substantially accurate translation, only the original manuscripts of the Bible written in Hebrew and Greek were infallible and inerrant. As satisfying as it was to see CU—Boulder duly spanked, that resulted in an infuriating amount of rank-closing and defensiveness. I was all a game. Seip knew or ought to have known that the conduct was unwelcome, his perceptions did not determine the matter.

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It all began 10 years this week. Do you believe that? While some people argue that real, long-lasting relationships can occur even under such circumstances, Delvaux believes they are the exception, not the rule:


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They started dating after the class ended, but she later enrolled in another of his courses. As my only intimate post-secondary experience, I always thought it was normal.

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The especially condition we have is to boys. The man necessity we have is to boys.

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