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Police dating uk. Crime and policing in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

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Gabriel Nicolas de la Reynie , founder of the first uniformed police force in the world. In ancient Greece , publicly owned slaves were used by magistrates as police.


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The Assize of Arms of , which required the appointment of constables to summon men to arms, quell breaches of the peace , and to deliver offenders to the sheriffs or reeves , is cited as one of the earliest creation of the English police. Law enforcement in Australia Police motorcycles are commonly used for patrols and escorts, as seen here in Australia In Australia the first police force having centralised command as well as jurisdiction over an entire colony was the South Australia Police , formed in under Henry Inman.

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Behind the police badge, a member has a coloured plastic backing card which helps identify a member's rank in the force, namely: An air weapon differs from a conventional firearm by the fact that it, and the pellets discharged, do not contain any explosive substance.

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