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Pioneer AV Receiver (VSX 1020-K): Unboxing and Tour

Pioneer receiver hook up. Pioneer Elite VSX-53TX Operating Instructions Manual

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Some of your speakers are dead? Unplug the door lamp wires. If you hear no sound from your speaker system, check to see if the headphones are plugged into the receiver. On a , route the Zip harness to the OE tuner, unplug the speaker connectors from the tuner and plug the ends of the harness to the speaker connectors.

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On a , remove the passenger seat by releasing the seat cushion retainer and lifting out the cushion… Step 11 Service Manuals are available from Zip Products. It is marked by 7 in this GM Service Manual drawing. Use a cable tie to package the harness then secure it using additional ties or electrical tape.


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This kit eliminates the need for advanced wiring work or with any metal or plastic fabrication work required to install a modern aftermarket receiver in a C4 and what remains is easily accomplished by do-it-yourselfers. While it is possible to modify the sound system to achieve this compatibility, doing so requires soldering skills along with electronic components not included with aftermarket receivers. Toggle among different components to isolate the problem.

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Beyond the red butt connectors, split the Zip harness in to two groups of three wires and wrap them with electrical tape to make two harnesses. If you are not receiving a video signal on your TV monitor, or there is no sound from one of these digital components, turn off the power for 5 minutes and switching it back on. Position the harness so there is enough slack for the receiver to be pulled back far enough to be unplugged in the future.

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Take out the five screws along the upper edges of the panel. Install the face plate included with the Zip Products adapter kit. Remove all the screws holding the door assembly.

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