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Doctors and Nurses: The Rules of Engagement

Physicians dating nurses. More than ‘minions’: Nurses deserve more respect from doctors

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Endodontics deals with the treatment of diseases of the inside of the tooth , including the pulp chamber, the pulp canal, and contiguous structures. Other disciplines There are several other disciplines in dentistry that, although not true specialties or subspecialties, are nevertheless the principal field of expertise of various dentists, who devote all or a major portion of their practice to these fields. There are no formal "death panels," but there are bureaucrats in government, HMOs, and private health insurance companies whose decisions knowingly result in denied tests, denied treatments and certain death in many cases. Some hospices have gone eight years without ever being inspected, except for the initial inspection when they opened their doors!

Early dentistry

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Did you know that the federal regulations governing hospice are far fewer in number than those protecting patients in nursing homes or hospitals, or that state agencies inspect hospices less frequently than nursing homes or hospitals? Now magazine articles promote hospice as the "other way" to make someone die on demand. There have been extended, decades-long campaigns by millions of people to achieve the civil rights blacks enjoy today. The issues discussed in this book will affect American society whether the health care reform law is upheld, declared unconstitutional on appeal , repealed or not, or nullified through various efforts by some of the states.

History of dentistry

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A significant amount of research in dentistry focuses on oral microbiology. The biophysics of the early cellular response of the hard bone and soft skin and ligament tissues to dental implantation is an area of intense research and debate.

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