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Persian dating culture. The timeless appeal of the Persian rug

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This monument is particularly revered by the people of Tyre for, in legendary tradition, Agenor is their king, the father of Cadmus and Europa. Antipater establishes himself in Macedon.

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Thus Sidon, Tyre, Byblos, Beirut, Arvad Ruad and the other port cities are left to themselves to enjoy a period of freedom and peace. His empire was the Seleucid Empire. He is away sailing with the Persian fleet. He rewards his men who have distinguished themselves and gives a lavish funeral for his dead.

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When he reaches the Hyphasis River Beas the Macedonian army refuses to go farther although Alexander believes he has not much more to go to reach the ocean and the eastern limit of the inhabited world. There he destroys the palace by fire according to the geographer Strabo

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