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Perks of dating me jokes. Here are 15 things to know about dating a military man.

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They both leave little boys' rooms with empty sacks. According to my sister, the girls I've met in the "real world" have been less-than-stellar even though I thought my dating life was perfectly fine! So at her request, I've decided to try something completely new and jump into the world of online dating. Your personality was born of necessity.


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On a typical Friday night I am probably attending yoga class, or biking down one of the many gorgeous trails in our city. It's all very tongue in cheek. Four or five colleagues have given up caffeine, and we're all on decaf. Goofy and Sarcastic I tie my own shoes, brush my own hair, and make my own bed

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The bread goes in brown, and comes out white. Some kids ran in front of my car, and I shouted "fucking kids! What's the first problem the Michael's child will have in life? Sweet Child O' Mine.

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