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The Canadiens and the modern Senators face each other often as they are both in the Atlantic Division and there is only a two-hour drive from Montreal to Ottawa via Quebec Autoroute 40 and Ontario Highway So fierce was the rivalry that when the New York Rangers reached the finals against Detroit in , but could not play in their home rink, Madison Square Garden , because the Ringling Bros. Pittsburgh Penguins[ edit ] The Islanders and Penguins have been rivals since the mids.

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Louis Blues[ edit ] Main article: The Capitals defeated the Islanders in in a three-game sweep. The Flyers would complete a stunning upset, defeating the Bruins in six games. Toronto Maple Leafs[ edit ] Main article:

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The Blackhawks would end up victorious in five games in that series. The Blackhawks would once again turn out victorious, this time winning in six games.

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Six years later in , the teams met once again, the Capitals finished second in the division with 93 points, six points ahead of the Islanders. The teams first met in the Patrick Division Finals, when the Penguins defeated the Capitals in 5 en route to capturing the Stanley Cup. More recently, with the drafting and emergence of Alexander Ovechkin in Washington, and Sidney Crosby in Pittsburgh, the rivalry has heated up again, with controversial comments that Alexander Semin made about Crosby in the media and physical altercations taking place between Ovechkin and Malkin during games.


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Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Western Conference[ edit ] There are significantly fewer major rivalries in the NHL's Western Conference, due to this conference being much newer the conference as a whole was created in as the West Division, then expanded as a Conference in and only one of the conference's teams the Chicago Blackhawks predates the conference's creation. As a result, Hunter was suspended for the first 21 games of the 94 season.


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