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Detailed member profiles give an insight into the suitability of other members. Our farm consist of acres of rolling hills and woodlands. The study argued in countries where pesticide regulations are stringent the health benefits of choosing organic may be marginal.


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No brokers or middlemen. So whether you run a green business or are a charity worker, eco-warrior, animal activist, tree-hugger, vegetarian, vegan, organic consumer, hippy, pacifist, environmentalist, or just feel concerned about ethical issues in general, this is the matchmaking site for you! Silage inoculant additives — Colour If a silage inoculant contains synthetic colouring agents, does that mean that it is prohibited for use in organic livestock feed production? Register today for free and start browsing countryside singles locally and internationally.

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However, in a developing countries where pesticide use is not carefully regulated the benefits for consumer and farm worker health may be much higher. All vendors sell Georgia made and grown products. Our vendors include local farmers, ranchers, fisherman, nurserymen, bakers, cheese makers, and specialty foods producers.


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Dr Seufert and co-author Navin Ramankutty analysed organic crop farming in Europe and the US across 17 criteria including yield, impact on climate change, farmer livelihood and consumer health. These standards, continuously updated and enlarged, are used as a reference, a common point and a guideline for the development of many new and different organic standards throughout the world. But things are changing, especially in Latin America and Eastern Europe.

General Principles and Management Standards

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