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Real Talk: Adventures in Love, Sex, and Dating

North point church love sex and dating. North point church love sex and dating. Andy Stanley

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For the first three years we met every other Sunday night in rented facilities, and when the Olympics came to town, we were unable to meet for nine weeks. As Stanley uses the example: The pastor refers to them as an example of a modern-day family. We would love to hear from you!


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Let the strain sit with them. Or were they frauds who gave only an outward appearance of religious devotion?

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Even among professing Christians today, very few still hold to those positions. Twenty years ago when he started North Point in the heart of the Bible Belt, he could not have survived by openly embracing liberalism. And did you know that one of three times a man is most vulnerable to an affair?

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You think your wife will meet your needs that these photos filled. Here is what he said:

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