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He happened to sit near four teenage boys in the car -- Barry Allen, Troy Canty, James Ramseur and Darrell Cabey -- and there were about twenty other passengers in the same subway car. The Hudson River waterfront in Westchester is in a transitional period, converting from primarily industrial uses to mixed residential, commercial, retail, and recreational uses. In the first half of the s, service, infrastructure and crime were abysmal.

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The MTA embarked on the first of what became many capital plans in November of , bringing the subway to a state of good repair. This four-man crew was reinforcing the tunnel walls when this reinforcement gave way, causing the cave-in.

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MTA board members privately forecast a subway fare increase of 10 to 25 cents for May due to the need to bring the infrastructure to a state of good repair, increases in operating costs, and fuel and labor costs which the Federal government was no longer subsidizing. Long-term office holders became rare in the s. There are many great cafes and coffee shops in this area. Shown here is number at the Transit Museum Bus Fest.

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An occasional rail polisher train would run each day of the strike to keep the rails shiny and deter vandalism. Similarly, local elections affect decisions of state prosecutors to seek the death penalty and of state judges to impose it. Alabama, in which the defendant was sentenced to death for rape.

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