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What might have seemed exaggerated, perhaps even slightly paranoid, in is now a commonplace. A blessing on their peaks, On their bare flagstones, A blessing on their glens, A blessing on their ridges. As Weishaupt, however, despite all his activity as an agitator and the theoretic shrewdness he displayed, was at bottom only an unpractical bookworm, without the necessary experience of the world, his order for a long time made no headway.

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His biographical summary reads: Patrick's charioteer, attained the martyr's crown. When we are permitted casually to separate love from procreation—or as one analyst had it, to sever the link between sex and diapers—we place ourselves on a short road to reducing sexual intercourse to a form of self-indulgent recreation.

Writings of St. Patrick

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To this work he attracted the gentlemen of the court, noble ladies, and simple peasants. Some few institutions have made efforts in this direction, resulting in sudden and heavy increases in expenditures. By specializing in the work it becomes possible to place even large numbers of orphans and to surround them with a strong and enlightened protection.

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