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By testing a person's abilities on each of the four branches of emotional intelligence, it generates scores for each of the branches as well as a total score. In short, because of the way Carrier IQ works, even if the company acts with the best of intentions, the software betrays users by leaking information outside of the control of either Carrier IQ or the affected user's phone company. For instance, previous studies found that EI is positively associated with teamwork effectiveness under job contexts of high managerial work demands, which improves job performance. The prominent view in the scientific literature is the Trait EI view, which re-interprets EI as a collection of personality traits.

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For example, emotions may interact with thinking and allow people to be better decision makers Lyubomirsky et al. Intuitively, individuals scoring high on neuroticism are likely to score low on self-report EI measures.

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It was found that there were no correlations between a leader's test results and how he or she was rated by the employees, with regard to empathy , ability to motivate, and leader effectiveness. Confusing skills with moral qualities[ edit ] Adam Grant warned of the common but mistaken perception of EI as a desirable moral quality rather than a skill, Grant asserting that a well-developed EI is not only an instrumental tool for accomplishing goals, but has a dark side as a weapon for manipulating others by robbing them of their capacity to reason.

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