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However, Aedes aegypti was still breeding in small discarded containers such as jars, bottles and cans that collected rainwater but could not be treated with Mesocyclops. Its reception in Prague later in the year was even warmer, and this led to a second collaboration with Da Ponte: Yet Howard even at his worst has a singular drive, a sense of conviction, an intensity, that usually grips the reader for a moment, propelling him through a scene of murderous frenzy as the barbaric hero lashes out at his foes.

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The copepods are introduced to a water storage container by dropping a foam rubber cube with 50 copepods into the container. However, the majority still takes getting into a relationship seriously. The pyramid's four sides soar 60m skyward and span m along the east-west axis and m along the north-south axis. This was the situation about 20 years ago, when scientists in Tahiti, Colombia and Hawaii independently discovered that virtually no Aedes larvae survived in water-filled containers if the copepod Mesocyclops aspericornis was present.

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