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Radiometric Dating - Geological Time (6/6)

Igneous rock radiometric dating. What does radiometric dating prove regarding macro evolution?

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And it has been close to a hundred years since the uranium decay rate was first determined. The ages from the Coast Range batholith in Alaska Table 2 are referenced by Woodmorappe to a report by Lanphere and others In that case, sufficient daughter isotope amounts are produced in a relatively short time. Porphyritic texture develops when some of the crystals grow to considerable size before the main mass of the magma crystallizes as finer-grained, uniform material.

The chemical analysis of rocks and minerals

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The importance of radiometric dating is that it allows us to tell how old some things are. If geological tests are not being applied consistently, one wonders what value they have.

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This conclusion was clearly stated by both Wasserburg and others and by Faure and Powell The study of tree rings and the ages they give is called "dendrochronology". Preponderance of K-Ar dating Now, the point about agreement is that whatever figure is given about how often ages agree with the expected age, is consistent with the fact that there is no agreement at all between K-Ar and other methods, since so many measurements are done using K-Ar dating.

Experimental study of rocks

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Principles of Isotope Geology, 2nd. As discussed above, one feature of the Rb-Sr isochron diagram is that, to a great extent, it is self-diagnostic.

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In the lead-uranium systems both uranium and lead can migrate easily in some rocks, and lead volatilizes and escapes as a vapor at relatively low temperatures. And let me recall that both potassium and argon are water soluble, and argon is mobile in rock.

A Response to “Scientific” Creationism

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