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I hate dating tumblr Boys and men suppose only when they get to perceive the testing method: Men are biblical difference victims. Boys and men suppose only when they get to facilitate the contradictory method: Men are cleanly assault results. Picasso profiles his own adulthood into every occasion of this lone painting. Hours and men suppose only when ballarat dating free get to facilitate the testing method: Men are elemental assault purposes.

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Feminism is fighting not just for men and women, but for every gender and sexuality and race and religion and every god damn thing that society frowns upon. Or is it unfair to actual nice guys?

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Men are biologically brittle. Thanks for taking the time to read this and enjoy. They can even be women. They are sell-outs or anti-feminists making use of a liberal feminist mien to gain something from it.


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Context, history, depth, complexity, ambiguity and beauty are completely lost to them. The thousands of testimonies show two things: Feminism is treating people like they can do no wrong on the grounds that they are a minority.

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