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Since you are not sure if the adjustment screws are in the exact same place. Old kid 4 Contributions Where is the vacuum line running to the transmission in a camaro Z28? However, that would not necessarily be true of a cfm or cfm Holley with vacuum secondaries. The design of the Holley spreadbore replacement leaves out many of the good features Holleys are famous for, and leaves off most of the good features of Rochester Quadrajets.

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How to know if your vacuum secondaries are opening You can tell if your secondaries are opening by keeping them shut with a spring or other means. Ensuring thorough atomization, and therefore complete vaporization of fuel, yields more thorough combustion, increased power, and reduced emissions.

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With Secondary Metering Block: I also found my oil temp ran around degrees F with a normal engine load on my engine in a 76 Royale.

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If you're wondering about how a sensor can read oxygen content in rich mixtures where there is no extra oxygen, the sensor begins to act as a temperature sensor above mv. Are you trying to switch a dryer? The other type of vacuum connection on a Holley is ported vacuum, which is weak at idle, strong at cruise, and weak at WOT.

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The factory determines jet sizes using several factors on each carburetor, including the air bleed size, the venturi size, booster venturi size and shape, and the power valve channel restrictions. This allows running smaller jets for crisp cruising and throttle response and adds extra fuel only when needed. This is a small slot above the closed throttle plate in the baseplate.

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