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Hook up means in tagalog. 4.1 Git on the Server - The Protocols

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A repository on NFS is often slower than the repository over SSH on the same server, allowing Git to run off local disks on each system. Therefore, the preferred method for collaborating with someone is to set up an intermediate repository that you both have access to, and push to and pull from that. The main reason to specify the file:

The Protocols

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The remaining populations are highly scattered. If you try to push and the repository requires authentication which it normally should , the server can prompt for a username and password. Breeding pairs stay together for 23 days and sometimes even weeks. The horn is also used in traditional Chinese medicine , and is said by herbalists to be able to revive comatose patients, facilitate exorcisms and various methods of detoxification, [68] cure fevers, and aid male sexual stamina and fertility.

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If you try to push and the repository requires authentication which it normally should , the server can prompt for a username and password. During the latter half of the 20th century their numbers were severely reduced from an estimated 70, [53] in the late s to only 10, to 15, in

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For less sophisticated users, or users on systems where SSH is less common, this is a major advantage in usability. At that point, anyone who can access the web server under which you put the repository can also clone your repository. Johns Hopkins University Press.

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