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Optionally, you may specify a different name for the "defaultBlueprint". The same applies for addon blueprints.

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Work is on speculation only. Some advantages of using an in-repo-addon, instead of an addon outside of your application repo , are:

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The --dummy option generates the blueprint as if you were in a non-addon project. We accept poems line poems. These should be positive and light-hearted; often humorous. Remember that npm link will not run the default blueprint in the same way that install will, so you will have to do that manually via ember g.

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Useful for switching between file sets conditionally. Use it to perform any custom work after the files are processed. Any change in your addon will now directly take effect in any project that links to it this way.

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Blueprint conventions Blueprints are expected to be located under the blueprints directory in the addon root, just like blueprints overrides in your project root. For live reload when developing an addon use the isDevelopingAddon hook: Optionally, you may specify a different name for the "defaultBlueprint".

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