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Eye on Parenting: "Helicopter" Parents

Helicopter parents dating. College-Age Depression Is Increasingly Tied to Helicopter Parenting, Studies Show

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How can you avoid being a helicopter parent? Gibbs describes Tiger Mothers as focused on success in precision-oriented fields such as music and math, while helicopter parents are "obsessed with failure and preventing it at all costs".

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Rates of depression are soaring among millennials in college. These parents have a hard time letting go, are constantly intervening, and won't let their children make own mistakes — or at least acknowledge their mistakes so they can learn from them. They simply haven't been taught the basic life skills of risk estimation, navigating possibilities and making choices.

The “Helicopter Parent”…

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In other words, the parents are seen as an aggressive attack unit that will do what ever it takes to ensure a favorable position for their child. In the American College Health Association surveyed close to , college students from different campuses about their health.

Summing up the Typical Traits, Actions and Fears of Helicopter Parents

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