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Harbin Hot Springs Gatehouse Orientation

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Wake up early and look out the lodge window on a collection of pools and decks and greenery. Before venturing south to Napa for the afternoon and dinner, we revisited the warm pool and tried out the hot pool and cold plunge. Enjoy wildlife ranging from deer that will eat from your hands to horses After a decline in the s, Harbin was largely abandoned until the late s, when a group of hippies under the patronage of a charismatic scientist-cum-cult-leader briefly inhabited it and changed its name to Harbinger Hot Springs.

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I must have fallen under Harbin's spell. Children are allowed in them, as well as on the wooden decks surrounding them. There are yoga classes, New Age conferences on topics from raw food to tantric yoga, weekly dances, music events and workshops. I can only stand it for about five minutes.

Spiritual Arts

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We soon learned that the kitchen is strictly vegan. How strange it is to be out of place wearing a swimsuit! A massage before dinner and a sauna before bed. By the second day my friend had also shed her swimsuit.

Harbining Fugitives

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Wake up early and look out the lodge window on a collection of pools and decks and greenery. Outer Banks style provides lots of seating.

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Yes, you got that correctly: We were not there for any of the notorious celebrations, such as knowledge circles and every and every churches.

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