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Video about giant tuna hook up:

Great Bluefin Tuna Hookup off the shores of Nova Scotia

Giant tuna hook up. Atlantic bluefin tuna

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The heavier set up also comes in handy when the fish bite aggressively saving time fighting each fish resulting in many more fish landed. It looks good for upcoming trips. We were catching giant sea bass, Porgies, Pollock, and blues.

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Check out this short video clip from my Aitutaki trip: Some large tuna can spool a reel on their initial run. The proper way to fish conventional hooks is to keep the drags half way up to strike, keeping a good amount of tension preset on the line. We read plenty of fish on both of the wrecks we fished.

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They are as equally equipped on the technical side with three VHF radios, a 32 mile radars, dual frequency color sounders, chart plotters, and a computerized Max-Sea system for bottom charting. High Hook on our trip last week was Art Haluska with 3 tuna.

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