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Geoarchaeological Investigations of Aghitu-3, an Upper Paleolithic Cave Site in Armenian

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Apart from 2 burials in a single grave, SR3 and SR14, the rocks were of a similar size in each burial, with an average diameter of 20 cm, a size which would allow the rock to be moved by a single person, though not likely to be moved by animal activity or bioturbation, as is indicated by the relatively intact and articulated bones in the burial. Madjedbebe MJB , or Malakunanja II, its previous name, has attracted much attention as a result of its claims of early human occupation at the site between 50 and 60 ka BP Roberts ett all. There is also evidence that within 3 spits in the lower deposit which Clarkson ett all. A site in northern Australia with early occupation.

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Caves have been of interest to humans for millennia, but scientific interest in caves began only in the early 20th Century in the United States and a bit earlier in Europe. He wrote and published articles about sites and artifacts from that region for The Florida Anthropologist in the late s. Currently Claire runs the Lifeways office and oversees the logistics of most of our projects.

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The scientific significance of the site was established by previous work at the site, especially in connection with an understanding of the timing of human colonisation of Sahul. Madjedbebe MJB , or Malakunanja II, its previous name, has attracted much attention as a result of its claims of early human occupation at the site between 50 and 60 ka BP Roberts ett all.

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