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But a funny thing happened. But we had never met, much less gone on a date.

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Similes make comparisons that are explicit e. Most of the humor revolves around him being just plain stupid, instead of weird and foreign, and his poor English consists not of mangling the language, but of incomprehensibly asking "Que? Gilligan Cut to a few minutes later when Luna shows she a cat is perfectly capable of using a computer and notes that Usagi needs to get with the times.

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How about those poor camps who don't have adults. What about those hard girls who don't have boys.

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In the end, however, the decision to convert was hers. Indeed, she shared the two Jewish values I find most important: The look on his face is just priceless. Usagi using the Moon Stick that Luna gave her in the previous episode to smash open her piggy bank.

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