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Surviving Lenape moved west into the upper Ohio River basin. The word means "five mountains," as five mountains converge near here: Back in his salad days he gave a parcel of land to a local Lutheran church with but one stipulation:

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Its mission was to create reinvestment and urbanization in the area. Little Horse Land has its own gift shop where visitors can buy collectibles, toys, and games.

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The AM station's new owners were allowed to keep the WJW call letters, forcing channel 8 to change theirs, per a since-repealed FCC rule that prohibited radio and television stations in the same city, but with different owners from sharing the same base call letters. Lick City, as it were. Visitors to the art museum can admire over 8, objects such as American ceramics, Tibetan paintings, Indian bronzes, contemporary baskets, and many other artifacts. This is the same Pike who, seven years earlier when exploring the western United States, discovered Pike's Peak -- apparently from at least 80 miles away.

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Pusey as it were. Mayfield Originally known as Glenwood, the area later became Mayville, named for Captain William May, a manager in nearby mining operations. Hi, my name's John.


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