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List of typefaces and Vox-ATypI classification Illustration of different font types and the names of specific specimens Because an abundance of typefaces has been created over the centuries, they are commonly categorized according to their appearance. To hide the asterisks from appearing in the human-readable below the barcode, use the parenthesis surrounding the data, i. Proportional spacing places the digits closely together, reducing empty space in a document, and is thought to allow the numbers to blend into the text more effectively. You can choose a 3-month, 6-month, or yearlong subscription.

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Designs intended to be printed small may feature larger lower-case letters, chunkier stroke weights and thicker serifs, while fonts intended for display may be more slender. If you choose to terminate your license within 30 days of signing up, I will issue you a full refund. But of those web sites that do specify a font, most use modern sans serif fonts, because it is commonly believed that, in contrast to the case for printed material, sans serif fonts are easier than serif fonts to read on the low-resolution computer screen.

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How do I join? Typefaces may also be designed differently considering the type of paper on which they will be printed. Both groups contain faces designed for setting large amounts of body text, and others intended primarily as decorative.

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