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As well, it is said that if a Koi is caught, it will lie on the cutting board awaiting it's death without fear or quiver, much like a Samurai warrior facing the sword in battle. Talk about a lot of pumpkin carving.

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Gloves are good too to avoid the blue finger syndrome! IMPORTANT; often Columnaris infections are present in well circulated, oxygenated tanks, unlike Aeromonas Infections which are often anaerobic and are much more common in tanks with poor circulation, high bio loads, and large amounts of organic wastes. I used to go to the website but switched over to using it on my phone.

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A dip is NOT a good choice for seriously injured fish or fish that have considerable open tissue due to infection, as the dip will often make this worse by extracting necessary body fluids that are already being lost. As well larger fish can be more easily injured due to the difficulty in handling them.

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I fill my bath container or double bags just enough so they still float and the buoyancy pushes the container up against the rim and top cover, keeping it from trying to flip over. Unfortunately Maracyn which is Erythromycin is incorrectly prescribed to treat Columnaris by many that do not know that Columnaris is gram negative bacterium while Erythromycin is a gram positive antibiotic. If at all possible I recommend keeping the fish that are being given baths in a Breeder Net Box see picture or similar in the tank or in another filtered bare tank so as to make capture easy and less stressful for both you and the fish.

Fish Baths, Dips, Swabs; Including Coral; For Disease, Ammonia, Treatment

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