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In clinical practice, these approaches appear equally effective; however, most patients and clinicians choose a graded approach because of the personal comfort level. In fact, if what these guys say is true, emotions are just not enough. Similarly, the term photophobia usually refers to a physical complaint aversion to light due to inflamed eyes or excessively dilated pupils , rather than an irrational fear of light.

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The amygdala's ability to respond to fearful stimuli occurs through the process of fear conditioning. Using exposure to internal cues, a patient with panic disorder can run in place to experience physiological sensations eg, heart palpitations that elicit anxious reactions, a patient with generalized anxiety disorder GAD can purposefully induce worry thoughts, a patient with PTSD can revisit traumatic memories, and a patient with OCD can intention-ally evoke intrusive and aversive thoughts. Specifically, the removal of these lobes results in decreased fear, confirming its role in fear recognition and response.

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