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Video about electrical sub panel hook up:

How to install a 100A sub-panel

Electrical sub panel hook up. Make Sure To Hook Up the Parking Brake Wire!!

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Once you get the thermostat separated from the sub-base go to the next step of hooking up a thermostat. Most panel manufacturers made such panelsó-and in many different versions.

Sizing Your Sub-Panel

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MCA offline is most famous for the resistance-to-ground measurement. Call a local contractor.

Step 0: Preparations

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This is the book for you. We connected the red and black hot wires to a 50 Amp 2-pole circuit breaker.

First: Turn Off The Power.

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Mount the new thermostat sub-base using the same holes the old thermostat sub-base was mounted to and tighten it down until it is secure. You showed the handcrafted illegal male to male cord. In this post I'll go over what I did and why I made the decisions I made. Knowing I could hook it up myself definitely speed things up and made the design simpler.


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