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Among the ancients, the great emphasis of technology was on aesthetic expression, not on practical utilization. By , this number had already grown to 4,, making WMF the largest company in Wurttemberg at this time. Sales catalogues were printed in twelve languages.

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The arms, or branches, are decorated with tracery, foliage scrolls, and other motifs characteristic of the late Gothic style. The beehive size is mm 2. Dating from the middle of the 15th century onward, they are characterized by rich figural and ornamental design.

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From a very early date bronze was used mainly for casting. He designed an amazing range of over a patterns of tableware, including glasses and often bowls and plates. His earliest pieces of glass date from and even before, but his main production of glass really took off in , after the French Government gave him a factory, on land repossessed from Germany, in Wingen Sur Moder, Alsace.

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In Thomas Bolsover invented a method of fusing copper and silver together so that the result was highly durable, and he produced this type of silver-plated ware on a large scale. The same technique was used by Bohemond I of Antioch for a bronze door at Canosa and by Oderisius of Benevento when casting a pair of doors for Troia Cathedral in and


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Many of these objects show a decided originality in the development of the animal style. The Day of the Dead Spanish:

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