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A Transnational Perspective 4 We examine cultural production in Japan and abroad, national and transnational political-economic and social influences, the idea of Japan in the West, and the idea of the West in Japan. Medical Sociology 4 An inquiry into the roles of culture and social structure in mediating the health and illness experiences of individuals and groups. May be coscheduled with HIEU Course readings range from literary and philosophical sources to personal records from the classical age to the modern era.

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Ancient Greece from Classical Athens to Cleopatra 4 This course explores the dramatic political, social, and cultural changes in the Greek world and the Eastern Mediterranean from the fourth century BCE and the rise of Alexander the Great to the death of Cleopatra. Topics covered are the Mediterranean debate, rural economy, peasant society, gender relations, honor and shame, rural violence, class formation, and emigration. Ancient Near East Mythology 4 Course will analyze and compare major myths from Egypt, Israel, Ugarit, and Mesopotamia, employing a variety of modern approaches. The Citizenship Debates 4 Will examine the controversies surrounding the construction of the modern citizen and the good society of the liberal outlook, and their alternatives in the communitarian, social-democratic, nationalist, feminist, and multiculturalist perspectives.

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Devotions, Doctrines, and Divisions: Europe 4 A consideration of the political, social, and cultural crisis that faced Western liberal democracies in the interwar period, with emphasis on the mass movements that opposed bourgeois liberalism from both the left and the right. See data and code to replicate. The New Mexico tradition was mineral based, usually using iron oxide.

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Art and Society in Nineteenth-Century London 4 This course examines English responses to the French Revolution, industrialization, and engagement with other cultures during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Three Centuries of Zionism 4 For centuries, the land of Israel was present in Jewish minds and hearts. Senior Seminars may be taken for credit up to four times, with a change in topic, and permission of the department.

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