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The most recent additions are a center in New Delhi , India, which opened in , and a center in Hong Kong which opened in The University of Chicago also agreed to provide affiliated schools with books and scientific apparatus and supplies at cost; special instructors and lecturers without cost except travel expenses; and a copy of every book and journal published by the University of Chicago Press at no cost. The program passed into history by

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The University of Chicago is governed by a board of trustees. Isaacs was replaced as Provost in March by Daniel Diermeier. Rockefeller [32] , and including land donated by Marshall Field.

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In , the University of Chicago announced plans to establish the Milton Friedman Institute , which attracted both support and controversy from faculty members and students. Stagg is the namesake of the university's Stagg Field. After continued turmoil, a university committee in issued what became known as the Kalven Report. The university's Booth School of Business maintains campuses in Singapore , London, and the downtown Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago.

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In response, the university became a major sponsor of a controversial urban renewal project for Hyde Park , which profoundly affected both the neighborhood's architecture and street plan. After the s, the Gothic style on campus began to give way to modern styles. After continued turmoil, a university committee in issued what became known as the Kalven Report.

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