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Today, Swarovski crystal surpasses all others for brilliance and sheen. The surface luster on a Swarovski crystal is even with none of the swirling marks and scratches that often impart an oily look to an imposter.

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Some games had a special condition that would forfeit the crystal after it is obtained, if the contestant broke a rule. Notable British brands include: The last one, at Canaston Bowl, Pembrokeshire , ceased operations in June The challenge is over when all crystals are dark.

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Responding to questions about the show during a interview for DemonFM , he commented: Swarovski Lovlots - a whimsical, fun product line of multicolored playful figurines that initially launched in In the revived series, this method was changed to simply answering a riddle to get a gate open. While his style of hosting had the similar energetic style to O'Brien's, it was less detached, with Tudor-Pole being more sympathetic towards contestants, and often talking up the 'time travel' elements of the show, with the inclusion of nonsense words, such as "trignification" to describe the "process" of travelling between time zones, while often referring to unseen companions in the maze, such as his horse "Bert" in Medieval Zone, and "Starbuck" the cat, who lives in Ocean Zone.

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