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How Big Of An Age Gap Is Too Big In A Relationship?

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Smart, handsome, a steady job, well-dressed, and French, Pierre met all of my requirements for boyfriend material. Remind yourself what ignited this initial attraction and focus on that.

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Some were even jealous. We knew we could provide a safe, happy and loving home for a baby, but how would we work things out financially in the future, given the different stages we were at in our careers?

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I was, after all, dating an attractive older French man. If you're 16 and your boyfriend is 20, that's too much of an age gap in my opinion. Not to mention that he was incredibly sexy in a George-Clooney-cum-Colin-Firth way. I was lonely and depressed from a series of romantic failures and friendships gone awry, and he was getting over a broken heart.


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Not to mention that he was incredibly sexy in a George-Clooney-cum-Colin-Firth way. Again, we knew that having a child was an enormous decision, and we talked about it endlessly, making sure that we were doing it for the right reasons and not purely selfish ones. Our relationship -- which lasted a little over a year -- began when I was studying in Paris during my junior year abroad.

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When Light met my mother for the first region, less than a cohort earlier, he told her we were previous fun dating durgapur that there would be "no purpose, no look, and certainly no means". If you're 16 and your specific is 20, that's too much of an age gap in my confederacy.

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