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Paint should be deposited in a suitable, sealed container. To take responsibility for your own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by your acts or omissions Adhere to the homes smoking policy, this can vary at each home. The five licensed sites are:

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The meeting of the waters: Of relevance because the Solent River system connected during Pleistocene glacials with the English Channel extension of the River Seine. Three raised beach exposures on Ports Down between Fareham and Portsmouth, are described.

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Riverine input from the rivers Itchen, Test, and Hamble is characterised by high smectite content and a low kaolinite plus chlorite to illite ratio. Shore, the originator, and for many years the secretary of the Hampshire Field Club. Being attacked next morning by the townsmen who returned with assistance from the country, they fled, and in their flying certain of them were drowned, and after this the inhabitants of the town encompassed it about with a strong and great wall; and it was soon after rebuilt, in a more handsome manner, and surrounded with walls, ditches, and battlements.

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Geology of the Country around Southampton. The page will continue to feature the fossils found at Lee, for the moment, as these have been so popular Mark Walden, 51, a local postman and bowling enthusiast, has been talking to a well-known bowling company, which he says has indicated its keenness to come to the site but only if another leisure operator such as a cinema was included. The site is particularly rich in sharks teeth.

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