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When the boots have been treed, the vertical seam that extends up the rear of the boot is only provisional the backstay the narrow strip of leather that will conceal and protect this seam is not sewn on until after the fitting. The third type had a flat sole made from stacked layers of leather. The Batten family have been making riding boots since

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Riding boots tend often to have thinnish soles, the perhaps understandable assumption being that they will do relatively little in the way of walking. Here, we visit Horace Batten Ltd, an old and well-respected artisan firm of riding boot makers. Following the fitting, any discrepancies in fit can be attended to for instance, the leg taken in, or more forcefully treed, to be let out; a pinching toe eased; or whatever. Samuel Pepys recorded in his Diary for January 24,

The British Hunting Scene

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My main interest in this regard is somewhat specialised: Leather pattens became fashionable in the 14th and 15th centuries, and in London appear to have begun to be worn as shoes over hose in the 15th century, spreading to a much wider section of the public. My boots are now approaching 15 years of age and, while if I say so myself they have been well cared for, always cleaned and polished after use, and have been resoled on one occasion, they have stood up well to some quite harsh treatment over that time. It emerges that it is a replacement boot for one which I am then shown that the medics had cut open, seemingly with almost criminal abandon, its owner having suffered some serious mishap from which he is now happily sufficiently recovered to wish to resume riding.

Bootmaking Basics

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Pattens were worn by both men and women during the Middle Ages , and are especially seen in art from the 15th century: Medieval pattens were known in English by the terms: Admittedly, getting them off proved a bit of a struggle at first, and utterly impossible without the assistance of a willing assistant. In case you shop at amazon and we refer you, prices are the same as normal, we just get a small commission.


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Imagine not having to spend countless hours in the wilderness alone but with a girl who's got your back! First there is the intermittent risk of an involuntary flying lesson; then there are collisions with fellow riders, or with other sharp or immoveable objects such as trees, gate-posts, fences, thornbush hedges, dry-stone walls, abandoned agricultural machinery or metal railings, to be accommodated. The walls are lined with a great many riding boots some are old, and some very old indeed. The new right boot is being polished in such a way as to achieve the distinguished patina of its somewhat older left counterpart.


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