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A "NO" answer is much less likely than "YES" for this question as a very large majority of bottles made during the 19th century and virtually all made during the first half of the 20th century were mold blown resulting in mold seams; see the note below. For more information on the disk pontil, see my other, comprehensive Historic Bottle Website pontil scars page at this link:

Is refilling your plastic water bottle actually slowly killing you?

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It's a classic case of supply and demand. They also come in an array of colors which are WAY more expensive than this more typical aqua example.

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They will also have other machine-made characteristics as described on the Machine-made Bottles page. Among his variants are:

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Author reserves the right to update this information as appropriate. If one bottle is taken down, there are still infinite bottles of beer on the wall thus creating an unending sequence much like " The Song That Never Ends ". This technology lag makes some diagnostic characteristics better than others for dating. Some technological changes were expensive and not adopted by glass makers until it became an "adapt or perish" issue and many glass factories just perished.

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