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Clean Your Pen Thoroughly Before Filling With Penit — this would be the first thing you see on opening the box and it makes me wonder if cleaning your pen before filling with ink was an issue even back in the s. Great illustrated label in soft yellow, light and dark blue and metallic gold. In addition, it is also possible to screw these nibs into the fountain pen models M, M and the modern M

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These can accumulate to excess in a pen that has seen regular and faithful service and you will have to decide what your level of comfort is. Parker 51, Parker 61, Parker and Hero , [57] inlaid e. These are the nibs I enjoy most from the modern era of production.

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Label states that this ink writes an intense blue and remains Ever Blue. Advocates of bottle-based filling systems also cite less waste of plastic for the environment, a wider selection of inks, easier cleaning of pens as drawing the ink in through the nib helps dissolve old ink , and the ability to check and refill inks at any time. A stub nib can be a good choice if you like the modulation in line thick and thin you can get with a flexible nib, but you also want the smoother and easier action of a monoline non-flexible nib. The inside of the top box flap is printed:

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