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Dating Jewelry - Georgian to early Victorian

Dating necklace by clasp. How to Date Antique Jewelry: If the Clasp could talk

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Colors of Prism™ 14K Gold 17" 0.51ctw Australian Diamond Pyramid Necklace

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At first glance it looks brassy like vintage pieces, in fact it looks like molded glass, prong set! I still have to find my notes and check what these beads had cost me before I can price them. The jewellery made her varies a lot as it is made from the melted silver that they have collected.


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Rhinestones are bright and faux pearls are faultless. These three antique amulet pendants come from the area of Iran in the Mid-East. The silverwork on this is excellent and including two jade pieces is a treat. According to "Traditional Jewelry of India" "the bull was Shiva's bullmount and Basava, the sect founder.


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Have you seen this before? This antique silver Chinese butterfly pendant is blackened as it has been hanging on a hook on my wall for years. This Guatemalan necklace came from a collection of Central and South American items. However, with a bit of study and awareness of what clasps were popular in different eras, you will be able to spot a vintage necklace with an improper clasp.

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