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Table wares in the form of pressed glass are of interest to the archaeologist. It is was here that my interest began centered. The Gretton Pig Club was in existence from until Carnival Glass is a beautiful, iridescent, pressed glass that was given away as prizes at carnivals.

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The main manufactory was called Fenton Stone Works and operated as G. The color typically derived from the natural impurities found in the sand from which the glass was being produced. For Collectors Not surprisingly, very many Mason's ironstone collectors live in the United States, traditionally a strong market for makers of ironstone since it began to be made. It consisted of a crown with 'Mason's' above and 'Patent Ironstone China' below.


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While it enjoyed greater architectural application than the earlier type, pressed brick was not extensively exploited in residential construction until the 's Koos The last type of nails are machine-made from wire. Certainly Spode was soon to produce some of the technically finest specimens of stone china of the 19th century - and indeed he may already have been doing so by , the year in which Charles James Mason registered the patent cementing the name 'ironstone' for the next two centuries. A more selective choice of clays and better processing increased the uniformity of the clay particle sizes.

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The Turner family of Lane End, Staffordshire, had, thirteen years previously, taken out a patent for 'a new method, or methods of manufacturing porcelain and earthenware' Look out for the celebrations planned by the Wedgwood Group of which Ashworth's incorporating Masons is a member. Doing so involved reheating the area of the orifice.

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A last type of table ware is known as Carnival Glass. Remnants of the drying sheds and other buildings still exist at the rear. From just before , a printed mark was also introduced.

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