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Ultimate Guide to Vintage Cast Iron

Dating iron skillets. You Spoke. We Listened.

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You can use them for cooking bacon, eggs, pancakes, and a multitude of other foods. It is good because as users of old cast iron we get to buy some superb pieces for a lot less money than a comparable Griswold. And one of them, the 3 was apparently never used. Basically, the more you cook with cast iron, the easier it is to care for.

Little Ol' Me

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If you see a piece of cast iron at a garage sale, flea market, thrift store, or any kind of consignment store, you might think about grabbing it. Then it gets to be a price war between the suppliers. One of the best ways to tell is by the font, location, and styling of the logo and trademarks on the bottom of the cookware.

The Beginners Guide to Cast Iron Cookware

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Note if there is a sharp ridge or a hollowed-out section where handles connect to the bodies of skillets. The city of manufacture can provide further clues to your skillet's age.

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