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In good condition with two original lugs to the reverse of each. The interior lined in dark polished cotton, the sweatband part replaced. Worn until only. Sword came from a Ohio attic, never messed with, just love these swords that look like this.

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It's not a brilliant brightness and is turning mellow. This is an old Ithaca 10 gauge double barrel shotgun!

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On the interior below the rivet is a series of punched dots, as found in original armour to indicate the construction order as the lames were often assembled by a different man to one who forged them. The Royal Crest to the centre of a Garter Strap above a scroll bearing the title. In , this department split from the Knights of Pythias and became a mutual life insurance company, later known as the American United Insurance Company. Removed from uniform so shows some signs of wear but in generally good condition.

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The scabbard remains in excellent condition with only one or two small dings from actual field service. In May, a delegation from Spain asked for British help and were supplied with arms and money.

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