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Close harmony singing is highly developed in church music and the power and emotional impact of chants and hymns at weddings and funerals is well known to visitors who attend. Umpires use their whistle for any number of reasons including just the sheer joy of being alive , and games continue for an indefinite number of days, before the winner is decided by a mysterious process that seems to be known only to participants. Tahitians coming to school in Hawaii have often worked in the PCC where they "learn" their culture and then return to work in their islands. That exciting rhythm has existed for hundreds of years in Aitutaki, Manihiki, Pukapuka, Mangaia and Tongareva.


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The islanders practice traditional conservation which calls for entire villages to move from atoll to atoll for periods of time. But Puka-Puka itself means 'land of little hills', and others say that's the real origin of the name which was given to the island by the first Polynesians who came here thousands of years ago. A chief, or indeed, any man, was judged by his ability and willingness to bestow gifts and to throw big parties. Several direct efforts by the Cook Islands Government and various individuals for representation were sometimes encouraged by PCC management but when pursued it was always turned down.

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