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Antique Philadelphia Cherry Longcase Tall Case Clock

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It is to their benefit to estimate high to get you to place your clock with them because they get a percentage whether or not they come even close. From the minute ring is moved inwards on the chapter ring, and the numbers engraved outside the minute ring. If you are thinking of buying a clock, these notes should help you to avoid some of the "altered" clocks, of which there are many - - - unscrupulous antique dealers used to put a good brass dial eight day movement in a nice Mahogany case to increase it's value.

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It also has an inner quarters circle, a style of the one-handed clock that was carried over to early two-handed clocks for the benefit of those who could not yet read minutes. Barrel bridges on style 7 movements are slightly different, and bridges off of 6 and earlier movements will not fit. This feature started to appear C, and continued afterwards on good quality work.

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On top of the square was usually a semicircle of highly decorated painted wood which contained the door for the cuckoo. Many of the good quality European alarm clocks had a 6 o'clock seconds bit, and the Westclox Big Ben was also a good quality clock, so why not?

Longcase Clocks

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